Help us to assess the impact of Home Scouting activities!

Dear visitor,

Under the first months of the Coronavirus emergency we all experienced major changes in our lives, as persons and as scouts.  Most NSOs/NSAs had to interrupt or reduce activities, and maybe faced a number of important challenges. Many of you responded with alternative ways to offer scouting to members (Home Scouting), in order to keep in touch with your members and continue the work you started together. We all know that many young people face different challenges in this period, and this is the main reason why we find it useful to assess the Impact of Home Scouting under the first months of 2020 pandemic.

We created a questionnaire that can be answered by all our members, as well as the parents of the young members. We would like to see if Home Scouting has helped. In addition, we aim at offering the possibility to learn from the collective experience to improve and advance in Home Scouting.  

To continue offering high quality scouting in the whole region, we ask you to reach as many members and parents as possible and invite them to take this brief survey.